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The ONLY Aerosol Delivery System you need to carry!

Being able to adapt to all hand-held Aerosol cans, FADS come with a unique “wand-like” trigger component which allows for greater reach and versatility. In addition, the trigger comes complete with a 15cm-long spiral flexible wand that covers all possible angles of application. If this is not enough,

you have 3 further options in nozzle sizes, allowing you to choose between fine, medium or coarse sprays.

The ergonomic design also provides the operator comfort during application.

A 25cm/10” pouch comes as a standard accessory; this ensures that the brand of Aerosol remains discreet, whilst professionalism shines through.

Airofog allows you to tailor and customize each unit based off one of three configurations in order to ensure

Connecting FADS

1. Screw on the correct nozzle to be used
2. Aerosol can must be put on a level surface in an upright position
3. Remove the spray nozzle/ tip from the top of the aerosol can to expose the short plastic stem (fig. 1)
4. Make sure the clamp is in the open position and center the valve seat above the stem
the push down firmly to insert the stem into the bottom of the can clamp assembly
(fig. 2).
5. Twist clamp to secure the can clamp assembly and make sure it is fixed firmly on top of the can (fig. 3)
6. Turn the valve to the “on” position (vertical) to let the insecticide from the can fill the coiled hose
(fig. 4)
7. Press the trigger to spray insecticide and release the trigger to stop the flow (fig. 5)

Disconnecting FADS

1. Turn the valve to the “off” (horizontal) position and empty the coiled hose by spraying in a safe place approved for insecticide application (fig. 4)
2. Pull up the locking ring and lift the clamp straight up from the can.

Safety Measurements

● Keep out reach of children
● Do not spray at anyone or yourself
● Keep FADS away from flames or sharp edges that can damage the hose
● Do not operate the FADS if there are visible symptoms of a problem
● Do not attatch or spray if the aerosol can is leaking
● Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling dangerous substances
● Follow label instructions of aerosol cans
● Never spray into electric outlets or cable boxes
● When using the metal extension close to electrical outlets, pay close attention to avoid shock hazard
● Never blow with mouth through clogged nozzles, valves, or tips
● When FADS is not in use, turn valve to “off” (horizontal) position then release the remained pressure out of the system
● Before repair and maintenance, disconnect the FADS from aerosol can and release residues from the system to an approved location
● When unscrewing FADS, do not point tip at others or yourself

Airofog USA FADS Diagram & Part List

Click to Download Diagram & Part List - PDF

Airofog USA Benjamin Aerosol System

Airofog USA FADS Part List

Airofog USA Benjamin Aerosol System Part List

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