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Easy to use - simply insert CO 2 or N 2 O cartridge. Ready without pumping !

  • Turn spray solutions into an aerosol instantly.

  • Safe. Unlike most aerosol cans in the market, no Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is required for pressurizing aerosol in BAS.

  • For both flush out and residual effect.

  • Save money by reducing the need to purchase countless numbers of aerosol cans.

  • Environmentally friendly

Non-threaded cartridge (charger)

Non-threaded cartridge (charger)

Dimensions (8g)
Dimensions (12g)
Overall Length (A):
2.6 in
3.3 in
Body Diameter (B):
.07 in
.07 in
Neck Diameter (C):
.03 in
.03 in

Safety Measurements

● BAS and chargers are pressure vessels which require particular attention and care
● Use only BAS OEM parts ● Do not make any modifications or repairs to the BAS by yourself
● Never use the BAS if it is damaged. Always send BAS for a safety check if it is struck hard or falls to the floor
● Do not spray into electrical outlets or cable boxes
● When using the metal extension close to outlets; play attention to avoid electric shock
● Wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling dangerous substances
● Always send the complete BAS unit when sending for repair
● Keep instructions manual; if BAS is transfered to a new owner give them the manual too
● The charging inlet of BAS must be in upright position while charging
● Open BAS only after all pressure has escaped
● To release pressure, hold trigger down to let aerosol escape
● Do not expose BAS to heat (stoves, sun, etc.)
● Only use clean water for cleaning. do not use sharp objects or abrasives when cleaning
● Do not use water above 107˚F to soak plastic cap
● Do not store BAS while pressurized

Charger Warnings

● Keep cool and dry; do not heat; keep out of direct sunlight and temperatures above 122˚F
● Cartridge is under pressure
● Never dispose of full cartridge
● Never use excessive force when working with pressurized cartridges
● Only use soluble solutions
● Insoluble substances may cause the nozzle to clog or impair the performance of the BAS
● If storing for an extended period of time, slightly loose

Airofog USA Benjamin Aerosol System BAS Diagram & Part List

Click to Download Diagram & Part List - PDF

Airofog USA Benjamin Aerosol System

Airofog USA Benjamin Aerosol System BAS Part List

Airofog USA Benjamin Aerosol System Part List

Airofog USA Benjamin Aerosol System Manual

Click to Download Benjamin Aerosol System BAS Manual - PDF

Benjamin Aerosol System BAS Manual PDF

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