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  • The latest in professional dusting innovations using patented Airofog technology for application to control termites and vermin.

  • There are 3 configurations available BASIC / STANDARD / PRO.

  • Transparent screw-on detachable vials help monitoring on the dust usage rate. 125ml vial allows for filling up to 90ml (3 oz) of dust and Ø32mm opening makes it easy for refilling.

  • The 50cm (20 inch) extension can treat hard-to-reach places.

  • Holster, with various compartments for tips and extensions, enhances professional image as a specialist.

  • Each squeeze produces a dosage of approximately 0.01-0.015g duster, which is measured with diatomite.


Airofog Puff Dusters referred to in this document are designed for use by qualified and experienced personnel. Please read this instruction thoroughly before usage.

Safety Instruction

● Keep out reach of children
● Before use, check condition and proper function of the duster
● Wear protective equipment as directed by the insecticide label
● Follow label instructions of insecticide dust
● Always keep vial dry and clean
● Do not expose duster to solvents or extreme heat
● Direct dust or granular only at surfaces to be treated
● Do not fill vial with any liquid or gel
● Always wash hands after use
● Always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling dangerous substances
● Never blow through clogged nozzles with your mouth
● Always replace damaged, or malfunctioning parts

Care and Maintenance

● Remaining pesticide in the vial should be removed after using ● Clean puff bulb and vial with soft brush, and soap and water ● Replace bulb or extension if cracked


● It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure the safe use of the sprayer and that they’re fully compliant with national or local regulations governing compression sprayer and applications of pesticides.
● AIROFOG USA is not liable for damages that has ocurred due to improper use/repair/maintenance, the use of nonrecommended or non OEM parts, and acceptance of damaged/broken sprayers for any reason.


● Remove the vial and fill to approximatley 2/3 full with insecticide
● Screw on the vial and gently shake duster
● Squeeze the puff bulb to discharge dust from tip
● Use the 20 inch extension to treat hard to reach areas
Do not fill vial to the top with insecticide to allow dust to float inside vial


PROBLEM: Not enough dust or granular being discharged

• Shake duster gently to loosen contents
• Add more dust or granular to vial
• use cleaning rod if there is a blockage

PROBLEM: Dust leaking around cap or extension

• Check to see cap is properly tightened
• Replace cap or extension if cracked

PROBLEM: Too much dust or granular

• Reduce the amount of pesticide in vial


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Airofog USA Gel Gun Diagram

Airofog USA Puffer Pro Part List

Airofog USA Gel Gun Part List

Airofog USA Puffer Pro Video

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