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AiroStar V - A Battery-Operated ULV Cold Fogger

AiroStar is battery-operated ULV cold fogger. Thanks to the lastest Airofog patented innovation, the device can generate non-drip fine/micron size droplet size by less energy, continuously running 60 minutes by one full battery charge. The battery is guaranteed a minimum of 1000 charges. Constant air velocity programmed by microprocessor is able to provide stable droplet sizes throughout whole fogging.

Lowest noise level is only 75dBA.


Li-ion battery

24VDC, 11.6Ah

charging time:

3.5 hour for a full charge, may partially charge during the day

running time:

60 minutes continuously by one full charge

fan motor:

Brushless motor elimitaes the chance of sparks in hazardous areas

solution discharge:

Viton Diaphragm Pump (AiroStar-V)

Solution Tank Capacity Filling Opening

Polyethylene, UV-Resistant 2.5 L /0.66 G Wide-Mouth Opening Ø70mm, 2 3/4"

flow rate, water

0.66, 1.3, 1.85 G/hr (2.5, 5, 7 L/hr)

Spray Mode

ULV (Ultra Low Volume), Blue nozzle,90% particles are 25 microns

Spray System
Spray Start
Spray Stop

after fan runs
before fan stops

fogging distance:

35-40 ft in door

application solution:

water-based / oil-based (non-flammable liquid)
acid solution (on request)

extension hose:

AiroStar-Trunk: 50cm / 20"

noise level:



appro. 15 x 6.5 x 14 inch (39 x 17 x 35 cm)

net weight, with battery:

8lb (3.7 kg)

Standard Accessories

battery charger:

input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 2.5A (max.)
output: 29.4VDC 3.0A

shoulder strap:

width 50 mm ( 2inch ) with shoulder pad

dosage nozzle:

blue 1.3G/h
red 1.85 G/h
white 0.66 G/h

service kit:

tank gasket / tank ventilation filter / air filter / solution filter / o-ring

NOTE: Above data is based on the ambient temperature of 20°C or 68°F

Battery UN38.3, shows a professional affirmation to AiroStar's qualification.

Patented Technology
AiroStar as a portable ultrafine nebulizer has patented technology.
By our technology, the fogger can produce finer atomization without drips more efficiently.
Not any other cordless fogger holds patent to our knowledge.

Fine Micron Size
AiroStar having no dripping thanks for its fine droplet size.
Many other brands claim a beautiful micron size but visual dripping exposes the truth.

• Nozzles
• White fine, 25 microns
• Blue medium 50 microns
• red course 70 microns

High Air Velocity
Comparing to other brand, AiroStar can generate higher air velocity by its stronger battery power.
Air velocity is higher, fogging distance is longer and micron size is finer.

Superior Battery
The good quality battery enables AiroStar to run continuously for 1 hour at high air velocity.
To keep a high air velocity, battery consumes faster.
Taking both into consideration - air velocity and battery running time, AiroStar's outperforms other brands

Brushless Motor
This type of motor has a longer service life than some other's brush type of motor.

Entension Hose
AiroStar is the battery-operated fogger which has hose fitting.
By 20 " extension hose, the application area is enlarged; the treated area can be focused with more flexibility.
AiroStar casing is same as the U260/U240's, made from the flame retartant nylon.
Other brands are made of PP or normal nylon not having non-flammble retartant.

All materials contacting with solution are made of high-quality acid resistant materials.

User-friendly Design of Solution Tank
Big opening of solution tank makes the job easier for everytime refilling and cleaning.

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