Pro .5 Gallon Compression Sprayer - 501-502-180


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Choose Airofog PCO series sprayers, and experience the quality and durability of these beautifully engineered sprayers

Airofog PCO sprayers are designed for the professional pest control operator to deliver outstanding performance.The sprayers are finished to a very high standard and present a highly professional appearance to clients. All wetted parts are made of chemical resistant materials such as Viton TM , Teflon TM , high grade stainless steel, brass, and other engineered materials. A cable-operated DRIP-FREE nozzle shut off actuated by the trigger valve provides maximum operator safety and environmental security. The trigger valve can also be simply locked on or off for added safety.



1/2 Gallon

1 Gallon

1 1/2 Gallon

Working Capacity

0.5 US gal.

1 US gal.

1.5 US gal.

Tank Volume

/5 Gal.1

1.1/2 Gal.

.4/5 Gal.

Tank Material

Stainless Steel AISI 304

Max. Working Pressure

90 psi

Pressure Relief Valve

60 psi

Pressure Gauge

0-100 psi

Pump Handle

brass, D-type

Pump Cylinder

AISI 304 with VitonTM check-valve

Spray Hose

48 in

Trigger Valve

brass, drip-free (DFC) type with lock-on & lock-off fatures

Spray Lance

AISI 304; DFC: 9" or 18"


DFC/HD: 4-way multi-nozzle   or even flat fan nozzle 8002E; HD: adjustable cone nozzle

Carrying   Strap

single shoulder strap

double   shoulder strap

Service Kit

supplied as standard: pump kit, trigger valve kit, seal/gasket kit

Tank   Dimensions

Ø6.7 x H7.3 in

Ø6.7 x H11.2 in

Ø6.7 x H14.2 in

Total Height

10.6 in

14.6 in

17.5 in

Net Weight 5

.72 lbs.

6.82 lbs.

8.14 lbs.


Cleaning the Sprayer

● Rinse tank thoroughly with water
● Add water and detergent to the tank
● Attach pump cap and tighten it
● Shake vigorously to clean inside of tank
● Pressurize the tank
● Flush the hose and trigger valve
● Empty the tank and refill with clean water
● Flush the hose and trigger valve once more
● Empty remaining water
● Sprayer should be cleaned thoroughly weekly

Pump & Trigger Valve Maintenance

● Piston o-ring and trigger valve o-ring should be greased every 90 days
● Lightly grease threads on the inside of the filler cap with marine or automotive grease every 90 days
● Check valve at the bottom of the pump cylinder for wear or loose fit. This valve prevents liquid from entering pump. If Liquid is leaking into pump, valve should be replaced

After Every Use

● Empty tank
● Drain the hose and lance
● Carefully inspect all gaskets and hoses as well as the other fittings for wear
● Replace any worn parts as necessary

Clogged Nozzle and Extension Straw

● DO NOT insert metal objects into tip
● Clean with soft bristle brush to free clogs
● Detergents or solvents can be used to soak tip
● DO NOT use ammonia; it can corrode brass
● Run warm water over and into extension straw
● Blow compressed air through the back of the nozzle and extension straw
● Remove strainer housing to access the strainer replace strainer and wash out the housing

Airofog USA Pro 1.5 Gallon Sprayer Diagram & Part List

Click to Download Diagram & Part List - PDF

Pro 1.5 Gallon Sprayer diagram

Airofog USA Pro 1.5 Gallon Sprayer Accessories List

Pro 1.5 Gallon Sprayer Accessories List

Airofog USA Pro 1.5 Gallon Trigger Diagram

Pro 1.5 Gallon Sprayer Accessories List

Airofog USA Pro 1.5 Gallon Wand CC Tips

Pro 1.5 Gallon Sprayer Wand CC Tips

Airofog USA Pro 1.5 Gallon Sprayer Manual & Schematic

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Airofog USA Mini Sprayer Aerosol Manual

Airofog USA Pro 1.5 Gallon Sprayer Schematic

Airofog USA Mini Sprayer Aerosol Schematic

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