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Airofog aerosol generator UM-4 is a professional foggers developed to withstand the ardous field conditions encountered by private pest control applicators or governments undertaking public health operations to control mosquitoes and flies. Thus, such foggers are often applied in the field of plant protection, pest & vector control, and agriculture.

The engine is covered by a worldwide warranty supplied from Briggs & Stratton Corporation.

Advantages include:

Remote operation from a 5m cable cab-mounted control unit for engine starting and stopping, individual spray head on/off, solution tank and solution line system flushing, and light alarming when solution or flushing tank is empty.

High-capacity air filter unit with intake suitable for dusty environments.

Specially designed double turbine nozzle avoids blockage when using wettable powder suspensions or other flowable formulations.

Safety interlock ensures that spray head can only operate while blower is running correctly, which eliminates the accidental discharge of insecticide.

All parts in contact with chemicals are made of stainless steel, Teflon TM , Viton TM , PE, and PA for maximum chemical resistance and durability.






Vanguard™ 18 Hp V-Twin petrol engine

starting systems:

electric star or recoil


13.4kW (18Hp) at 3600 min.

preset speed:

3600 min.

fuel tank capacity

20 liter



side channel blower, anti-corrosive


3 V-bet with centrifugal clutch pulley

discharge rate:

9.5m3,/min. at 3500 min.

air filter:

paper star filter

Solution system

solution tank (nominal/actual volume):

AISI 304, 40/50 liter with level sensor

overpressure in solution tank:

0.25 bar, appro.

flow rate variable max.:

60 l/h

spray nozzle:

4 nozzles, adjustable: horizontally 360°, vertically 180°

nozzle bar:

adjustable between horizontal & vertical

spray on-off control:

remote, individually

Clean/Flushing tank


AISI 304, 15 I, with tank-empty sensor


electrical power (customer self-supplied):

12 VDC / 36Ah battery


Airofog vehicle-mounted ULV cold fogging machine (ULV aerosol generator), hereinafter referred to as “fogger”, uses pre-mixed solutions or chemicals mixed with carrier. As all components exposed to solution are made from corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel, Teflon, polyethylene and etc., all approved chemicals that do not attack such materials can be used.

The selection of chemical preparation and carrier is subject to legally binding regulations and the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Insecticide must only be sprayed while the vehicle is moving within the treatment area. When in stationary position, direct the fog along passageway or cover the plants in the fog affected area.

The fogger suits for following purposes and applications:

• vector and insect control
• pest control
• public health
• plant protection with pesticides and fungicides.
• stock protection
• Hygine and disinfection
• deodorization

A combustion engine drives the side channel blower by 3 x V-belts. The side channel blower is maintenance free and corrosion resistant. Compressed air operated from the side channel blower is well matched to the narrow-bore solution nozzle, bringing about the advantage of producing comparatively small air throughput at a high compression ratio.

The spray nozzle (atomizer) works in two stages: the first step is to break up the liquid at a high velocity. Then at the end of a short conical diffuser, compressed air enters again acting in an opposite direction and provides a better break up of the droplets. The stream of droplet is dispersed without touching the inner surface of the solution nozzle. Thus wettable powder suspensions can be applied without the danger of blocking nozzle.

Control of the throughput is done by a flow meter in which a regulating valve permits an infinitely variable output max. 40 l/h showing by a transparent tube with scale and a floating ball.

UAirofog UM4 ULV aerosol generator Cold Fogging Machine

1. remote control 9. chassis
2. connecting cable 10. rubber buffer
3. control box 11. side channel blower
4. solution valve 12. cleaning/flushing tank
5. fuel tank 13. battery
6. spray nozzle 14. solution tank
7. engine
8. air filter

Airofog USA ULV Aerosol Generator UM-4 Manual, Part List, and Engine Manual

Click to Download ULV Aerosol Generator UM-4 Manual - PDF

Airofog USA UM-4 ULV Cold Fogging Machine Manual

Airofog USA ULV Aerosol Generator 18Hp Engine Manual

Click to Download ULV Aerosol Generator 18Hp Engine Manual - PDF

Airofog USA UM-4 ULV Aerosol Generator 18Hp Engine Manual

Airofog USA ULV Aerosol Generator Annex Battery Manual

Click to Download ULV Aerosol Generator UM-4 Annex Battery Manual - PDF

Airofog USA UM-4 ULV Aerosol Generator UM-4 Annex Battery Manual

Airofog USA ULV Aerosol Generator UM-4 Connect Remote Control

Click to Download ULV Aerosol Generator UM-4 Connect Remote Control - PDF

Airofog USA UM-4 ULV Aerosol Generator Connect Remote Control

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